Take my hand, he said;

Take my hand, he said
I will guide you, protect you;
Your ears will never hear harsh words
And your eyes will never cry tears
This I will promise.
And so she let him take her
Over the mountainous peaks
Across the galactic seas
And into the starry skies
Into another galaxy.
New and unusual things she did see
Under his watchful gaze
Never allowing her to stray
Keeping her close as prey.
And never did he break his promise to her
For many years to come
Loved and wanted she felt
As he did in turn.
Memories together they created
Pure as the hearts beating in their chests
And as rare as diamonds and emeralds.
Two souls and two fates
Intertwined by the will of destiny
Always to linger
For eternity.

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  1. This is very beautifully written. It makes me sad though. I feel like I've felt that way before, but it didn't get to last as long as theirs.