She danced gracefully;

She danced gracefully
Nimble on her tiny feet
With perfectly pointed toes.
She danced a symphony
Not guided by music
But by her heart
And the beats of her life.

Alone in her fairy tale world
Existing only in her mind
She flew across the stage
Fulfilling girlhood dreams.
She danced to the 3/4 beat
Faster, faster
Then slower, slower
Coming to an achingly slow stop.

She paused, breathing heavily
Perspiration beading her forehead
From the many hours of practicing
A little ballerina
Running on auto
And Energizer it seems.

The dance consumed her very soul
A cascade of thoughts that ran in tune
In the only place where she was free
And uninhibited.
Where her dreams became reality
Where broken hopes were revived
But sadly, only in her mind
For this crippled prodigy.

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