i feel the raindrops fall;

i feel the raindrops fall
like the tears of forgotten memories
lost in the continuum of time
a million years into the past.

an infinity, the universe will age
until a cosmic catastrophe
will plunge it out of

deciphering ancient hieroglyphics
leads us to
stories untold and riddles unsolved
history lost
gone forevermore.

time is linear
or so we assume.
are there other branches
of what ifs and alternate worlds
universes closely parallel to our own
yet so very different.
does the butterfly effect exist
and has it changed history?

can we change the world?
or are we controlled?

our thoughts and feelings:
are they our own?
because science suggests
that chemical receptors
are at the core of our mental processes.
and disrupted pathways between brain lobes
can alter our personality.

who are we to say
that the world is the way it is
computed by complicated
mathematical formulas
and scientific research.
perhaps we do not control the world.
perhaps all its phenomena
are the works of a higher being
unseen by the naked, feeble human eye
and instead must be discovered
through heart and soul.

and is there life after death
is there a heaven, hell, limbo
or nothing?
are we celestial beings in human forms
or will we fade into the backdrop of time
as minute dust particles
of minor significance?

questions always asked
but never answered.
mysteries that can not be explained
but only theorized.
that is the world we inhabit.

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