childhood dreams;

what did happen
to those memories
of childhood days
filled with heroic dreams
and stuffed animals.

have we forgotten the foundation
of our present existence?
our personalities are built upon
our childhood
and the imaginary games we played
once upon a time.

as we grow up
we put behind our kindergarden treasures
of pet rocks and magical lands
trying so very hard
to be grown-up.

and now, we have hit that pinnacle
of being a "grown-up".
we have graduated from our silly games
that we used to play
on the playground.
we are now in the real world
working, with careers
no longer in a fantasy land
but facing the responsibilities
of a game called life.

where have those days gone
the memories we lived for.
a thousand pictures i can imagine
for a single word: childhood.

it seems we have all but forgotten
the most precious things
like colorful stickers
or the sixty-four pack of crayons
that served as collateral
in childhood gambles.

for me, the highlight of my childhood
was almost fourteen years ago
where life-defining play
left a mark on my heart.
and i frequently relive those memories
of playing "magic"
climbing trees
and a sleepover game.
such a short period of time, three years
but they were one of the best
of my childhood.

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