is it really worth it;

is it really worth it
to give up everything that is most important
for the cars, designer handbags
the red carpet, and fame.
to be recorded in history
is truly a remarkable feat
where people will know
of your name
for generations to come.
but, again, is it worth it
giving up your privacy
having photographers hot on your trail
staking out at your home.
always having to double check yourself
do you look pleasant, perfect?
a grumpy, sad, or angry photograph
can give rise to vicious rumors
in the tabloids.
so is money and fame more important
than your dignity, your privacy?
where relationships and marriages
and cheating lovers
are the entertainments to the world.
is it worth it
and will you be happy
genuinely happy?


1 comment:

  1. In my opinion, I would rather cut my arm of with a dull knife than be famous.