She laid on her white bed, in her white room, with white walls. She tried to focus her eyes, but found it very difficult to do so. All she could see was not reality, but the world she could only ever dream about. She rolled over onto her side, staring at the clock at her bedside. Four in the afternoon. Ugh. Time did move by so very slow. How much longer?

As always her mind betrayed her, sending her into another world, the place that she held dear to her heart. How many years has it been? Five? Ten? She began to lose count after the first couple. Maybe it was seven. No, it was thirteen. Thirteen long years since that beautiful time. And she longed so dearly to return.

She could still smell the sweet grass, the ocean surrounding the place blue and clear as diamonds. She could still feel the steam on her face as she scrubbed the bathhouse, a novice, but hardworking. And she could still remember, oh how could she ever forget, his beautiful face, the warmth of his palms in her own. The heartbreaking separation necessary for the both of them.

Has he forgotten her? The promise they made to one day meet again? It felt like it, after all of these years. She couldn't remember why she had to leave in the first place. All she knew was that it was essential to her survival. And look where it got her - in a mental institute, courtesy of her parents because they believed she had finally lost it. Years of lounging in her room, staring out into the sky for hours, endless hours. She became withdrawn after that trip down the tunnel. They thought her changed for the better, but it instead became steadily worse, taking a 180-degree turn.

She closed her eyes for what seemed the millionth time, hoping to see a glance of him. She saw nothing but darkness behind her closed eyelids. She sighed for the millionth time. So instead, she lulled herself to sleep, for it was only in her dreams was she truly happy. Because she would be in the world she truly belonged. With him.

[inspiration: spirited away and love]

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