on growing older;

older, i am becoming. it is hard to believe how fast these last few years has gone by. the end of the year is near, in only three more days. 2010 will mark the year i turn twenty-three. my god. i feel an ache deep in my chest when i think about birthdays and another year gone by. i sometimes wish to go back in time, start over, or at least stay forever young. if i could chose any one power, immortality would be mine. of course, there the people who i love will pass on without me, while i am stuck in limbo between life and death. but the wonders i could see, as i am quite interested in what the future holds. will we live in space, inhabit other worlds, conquer new galaxies? or will the thread of time be discovered and i could go back again and again to the point of origin?

but back to the topic at hand, the bane of humanity's existence: aging. growing older mentally and physically. childhood games we once played hold no significant meaning to us, any longer. we grow to enter the world of working men and women, to contribute to society. i don't wish to think about aging. i don't wish to think about the day i turn forty-five, for it frightens me a great deal. and i don't wish to think about the day when the ones i love most deeply succumb to the sweet darkness and release of death.

i am both excited and scared of growing older. maybe i am just missing a few screws in my head?

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