and just a dream;

there was a dream in which i felt fear and sadness. it was a corruption of my feelings, and something i would never wish for. two young girls, killed in a park by wild wolves. i remember being there, watching, helpless, and unable to stop the scenario before me. but then the scene shifted, the light of death fading from my vision.

i was sitting in a room, alone with another woman. i asked her if the funeral had already taken place. she said yes. it was at that moment that i felt the greatest sadness towards the two children. i would never see their shining smiles, their bright faces, or their beautiful laughs. i remember holding the youngest when she was an infant, new to the world. and so very few years she had before she was brutally taken away.

i awoke, and still felt the sadness that lingered, over my heavy heart. but with awakening came relief, knowing that dire fate was merely a dream. and just a dream it would remain.

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