every morning she squints her eyes;

every morning she squints her eyes
against the harsh morning light
and drags herself out of bed
to her vanity table.

with dark circles under her eyes
she beings to put on her face
painting a portrait she does not recognize

when did this all begin, again
and again she wonders
for the umpteenth time it seems.

she combs the long blonde hair
illuminated with imaginary luster
that was never hers to begin with.

she stares at the perfect, smiling face
beaming before her
her unknown reflection.

this beautiful stranger in the mirror
was the masterpiece of many years, many dollars
and many surgeries
all for the desire to be perfect.

and perfect she did become
stopping the hearts of men
and traffic alike.

but was it all worth it?
she lost many
and gained little.
women hated her
men wanted her.

to personify society's definition of beauty
was something coveted.
but it came with a price
and she gave up the most important feature of her person:
her individuality.

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  1. Very very true. I'm not a fan of unnecessary plastic surgery. Being beautiful is an insatiable desire.