human trafficking;

she sat on the hard, cold ground
feet close together
her arms wrapped around her shivering legs.
the sound of fear cloaked her body
the screams and landing punches
reverberating in her ears.

she whispered a mantra
over and over again
trying to block out the horrible reality
hoping to wake up from a dream.

a carefree trip this was supposed to be
but instead she was coerced to another world.
the things she would see, they said
if she would only join their tour.

the biggest mistake of her life.

the cries of unreciprocated sex
seeped from the other room
into her own.
involuntary muscle twitches
shook her figure violently
as she knew it would not be long
before she was next
an unwilling prostitute.

it was something that never crossed her thought
human trafficking.
she never believed this form of slavery existed
in the world today
an underground criminal franchise
where profit exceeds millions
as do captives.

all she could do now
was close her eyes
accept her fate
and hope someone would come
and rescue her.

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