never deserved;

you were once cruel
your laughing jokes bordering on the line
and your relentless use of my body
it was just a relationship based on sex.

who do you think you were
toying with the mind of inexperience
was it just your idea of fun and games
no matter how much it hurt?

backstabbing with a flair for twisting the truth
you possess a scary mind and even scarier soul
i became afraid and desperate to hide
if only to avoid your gaze.

but it's been a long time now
since you last contacted me
to which of course i always ignored.

i see now how stupid i once was
to have given you time of day
when your mind and heart
you very being
was always elsewhere.

and now, i am grateful that it is
and i also thank you for what you did
because of your actions
you made me stronger
far more sure of what i definitely
do not wish to have in my life.

you were far beneath me
and never deserved to have me.

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