i want to run, far away;

i want to run, far away
off to a nowhere place
feet pounding
heart racing
and not stop until i have shed
every last fiber of my being.

i want to run, far away
and as i do
i take off the layers
one by one
my name
my past
my memories
i will let them fall
like raindrops on floating leaves
until they are absorbed into the ground.

and still i will run.

i will not stop
until my legs can no longer carry me
until i have sprinted to the edge of my sanity
where i will take a leap of faith
off my proverbial cliff
and fall not so gracefully
into the waiting waters below.

and then i will cleanse myself
until every last molecule that makes up my being
is doused and re-awaken.

it will be the time
to open my eyes
and revel in the new sunrise.

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