child that once was me;

i miss the exhilaration i once felt
so many, many years ago
as a child on a bike
riding over a wooden bridge
to get to the other side.

i can still hear the conversations
that children have among one another
and the memories they flood the brain
like a dam whose lever has broken.

such carefree days
days spent running amok in the sun
where adult troubles were nonexistent
and our only job was to grow.

those days have come and gone
all the children growing up and moving on.

how often do they revisit the past
their precious childhood
that society requires of us to do away with
as we face the world as adults.

i myself hold strong nostalgia to my past
because although they are now merely memories
their presence helps keep alive the child in me.

child that i once was
child that once was me
you are my inspiration.

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