just a taste, she said
to know what i will be missing
to know what i will never have
or ever see again.

no, he said
it is wrong
you are out of your mind
and completely delusional.

don't be cruel, she cried
don't deny me what is rightfully mine
even though you promise everything
to another.

away, go away, he demanded
you are not worthy of my time
of anyone's time
and most definitely not worthy
of my love and devotion.

i will never wrong you again! she pleaded
just give me one more chance
and i will change who i am
to be what you want me to be
and what you most desire!

no! never! and begone! he demanded
i don't want a subservient lover
i want a friend, a mutual companion
someone to share my secrets with
not to be used in blackmail!

i'm sorry, i'm sorry, she resigned
i never meant to hurt you
i never meant to wrong you.
you cannot forgive a simple mistake?

mistake, you call this a mistake? he asked
you are completely lost
you play with fire without protection
and you dig yourself a hole
no, go away, go away
go far away.

she sulked away into dark shadows
and he moved forward into bright daylight.

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