paint it black and white;

paint it black and white
because there is no grey
there is no in-between
there is only here and now.

your thoughts and feelings
are officially void
you are not your own person
you have no voice.

you say this is unfair
but this is the axis
on which the world revolves
as it has been doing
for a millennium.

you can scream and shout
you can rebel and demand revolution
but change will not come quickly
especially to those who turn a blind eye
content in the prison they have created.

yes or no, right or wrong
circumstances are nonexistent
maybes and what ifs
do not have a place in our society.

save yourself the humiliation and the stress
do not give yourself a headache.
follow the mainstream, fall into place
and live as we have been living
since the moment we entered the world.

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