i can't wait to grow up;

"i can't wait to grow up"
we all once said
as little children
oblivious the world.

we all wanted to grow up
so very fast.

but now that we have reached
what do have to say for it?

college, bills, responsibility
a different perspective on the world
that was once so different
from before.

childhood was precious
and precarious
but we were all too willing
to let it pass
to slip through our fingers
like a sieve.

no more are the days filled
with playing outside
enjoying the warm sunshine
with friends and lemonade.

summers are no longer carefree
always looking forward
to what pretend games will bring.

slaving away at work
earning money
is what it has become.

innocence has been lost
as we are thrust
into real world.

how many times have we now wished
to have heeded our elder's warnings
to enjoy being a kid, to enjoy life
and see things through the eyes of a child.

how many times have we now wished
to turn back time
and return to that wonderful world
that becomes lost to us as we grow.

but time is linear
and all we can do
is enjoy the memories
and move on forward.

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