little girl;

what happened to that little girl
who dominated the front
holding down the fort
her knees buried in the dirt.

she has started to change
to grow up
leaving behind childhood fancies
and embarking upon a new path
one meant for the experienced.

make-up, guys, drama
this is what her world revolves around
the axis on which it spins
sometimes wildly out of control.

the innocence that once was
is no more.
it has disappeared gradually
as all milestones of life tend to do.

into the back drop
boxed away in the attic
it doesn't fully disappear though, no.
it will still be waiting for her
when she decides to take a trip
down memory lane
and relish in nostalgia.

and perhaps then
the little girl who locked herself away
deep inside the heart
will start to come out play
if even for just a moment.

it is then that little girl
will live once again.

even if for just a moment.

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