puzzle pieces;

you've opened the box
and there lies the puzzle pieces
so many of them
jumbled against one another.

you dump them out on the kitchen table
a thousand little segments
maybe more
you can't remember.

you put them together
crying in frustration
when some do not fit perfectly
but mismatched and
a recipe for disaster.

how long does it take you
sitting in that same little spot
by the same little window
the world is going on without you
and you sit here still
playing in your puzzle world.

something comes alive
as a picture is slowly painted
it looks so familiar
but you cannot remember.

you haven't remembered anything
in a very long time.

humming to yourself
you giggle softly
it's almost the end of the game
and you hold the last remaining piece
between your fingers.

and there it goes
right where it should be.
but you look at your hands again
wrinkled, age spots dotting the surface.

what has happened?
where had the time gone?

the picture you composed
comes alive
like a little movie
you see a life that you once forgotten
everything you once felt, you once seen
you once loved
flashes before you.

and then you realize
in this little kitchen
putting the puzzle pieces together
you spent half your life
living in the past.

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