find the hope inside;

who was it that told you
that you were worthless
and a waste of space
and a good brain.

what history do you bury under ground
that lead to such turn of events
that no person should ever endure?

who took your spirit
twisted it maliciously
squeezing until it could not breathe
and then step on it to make sure it was dead?

your days have darken
and you cannot remember the light
or how the sun feels shining on your face.
you have forgotten simple pleasures of life.

you have retreated deep inside you
a broken shell teetering on a tightrope
one wrong move and it is over.
and it seems like it is what you desire.

when did it all change for you
when you lost all hope
and even forgot who you were.

solace, help, and redemption
can be found in the most unexpected places
and when you do find it
let it consume you.
let it bloom inside you like a new flower
just rising to see daybreak.

find the hope inside you that was all but destroyed
save for a single, lone, flickering flame.
let it be your beacon
and rise out from your own depths of hell.

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