hello world;

hello world
you have seen so much history unfold
battles, kingdoms
and the evolution of mankind.

in the very beginning
we gave you your peace.
because according to science
we did not come into being
until many years after your birth.

you frolicked happily in your galaxy
dancing on your axis
blissfully basking in the sunlight.

and then things began to change.
microscopic creatures began to take form
as your body began to change
and life adapted.

the millions of years flew by
seconds in your eyes
until two leg walking humans
claimed your vast land as their own.

your rich earth has been drilled and torn apart
the landscape a battlefield of destruction
as humanity greedily sucked up your jewels.
like a man whose heart burns with lust
your body is his oasis.

how much longer of this can you take?
when will you finally snap
and redecorate yourself
overhauling humanity.
when will our end of the world
finally slap us in the face?

will you take mercy on us
and let us live, albeit perhaps
starting from scratch
and reconstruct our beginning.

or will you relentlessly destroy us
and let our entire history die.

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