the fresh aroma of coffee brewing
on a crisp fall morning
with a cool, almost chilling breeze
awakening the scenes for a new day.

the conflict between a hot cup
and the cold outside air
stirs up rapidly with a spoon
warmth and comfort becoming
the obvious victor within the body.

the sun will barely tip the peaks of the mountains
peeking almost shyly at the the world below
chasing away the moonlit skies
to bravely shine with all its might.

the dark, black sky will fade to grey
and slowly, gently tint the sky deep blue and pink
gracing the world with a beautiful scene
which only few can truly appreciate.

and it is within these mornings that one can contemplate
where one can find inner peace as the world awakes
to start off fresh before the new day
and it live it out the very fullest.

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