smile, cheese, and click;

smile, cheese, and click.
capturing memories
one snapshot at a time
to be remembered
fifty years from now.

candid shots of gazing into the horizon
that only exists in the mind
listening the crashing waves of the ocean
and the call of seagulls
in the middle of a land-locked state.

old photos of times forgotten
straight, emotionless facades
that stare back at us.
what were they thinking?
what were they doing?
what mystery surrounds them
that we can only dream about?

let us flip through albums
of dated and new pictures
recollecting the exhilaration
that we felt at the time.
photos of family vacations
filled with joy and excitement.
or scenery shots from a road trip
relishing in the prospects
of uncharted destinations.

smile, cheese, and click
let us make the memories together
that will last us a lifetime
and generations to come.

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