let's put it into perspective:
you, me, him, her, it, they
what does it matter, honestly?
if we strive for the same
why can't we see eye-to-eye
why do we only bring to the front
our differences?

we are no different from one another
genetically, we have varying features
blue eyes, blonde hair, brown hair, green eyes.
but biologically, we posses the same exact foundation
two lungs, two kidneys, one liver
one heart.

and obviously different minds.

no matter what you believe:
evolutionary, we all derive from a common ancestor
religiously, we are all brothers and sisters under His name.
and if you believe in neither, we are all human.

so, i ask again
why all the sneers, the jeers, and the hate
can we not open up with a clean slate?
as the saying goes
"united we stand, divided we fall"
shall we allow for everything we have worked
to crumble in our foolish ideations?

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