Staring at this open book before me

Staring at this open book before me
Diagrams and words combine
To blur in my unfocused vision.
A million thoughts run a marathon through my head
And not a single one of them centered
On what desperately deserves my attention.
Half of my being is in a panic state
No calming of nerves;
The other half is cool and suave
Having not a single care in the world
Having nothing to worry about.
Final exams, quizzes, tests
Schoolwork that beckons me
Though I resist with every fiber in my being;
That is my downfall, this procrastination
Relishing in neither satisfaction
Nor sorrow.
Any diversion from the task at hand
I will gladly accept
Although in the end
I shall regret
Everything that I should have done
That never got complete--
Or at least not until the last minute.
Put my head on the desk
Close my eyes
And simply sigh.

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