Staring at the mirror

Staring at the mirror
A face that everyone knows
A career to be desired
But a life never to be envied.
Her very waking hours
Are a part of her job;
Keep her face smiling
Keep her turmoils buried
And strut on the heels
As if she owned the world.
One wrong impression
And an image is destroyed
Devoured by the press
Digging a deeper hole.
A lack of privacy
Everything naked and bare
Every past mistake dug up
And set for display.
A dream that brought temporary delight
And enough dough
To never have to knead the work force again.
But having the designer bags
The racy cars
Magnificent mansions
And all the fame and glory
Could never replace
What a normal person takes for granted;
A private life
No worries for tiny mistakes
And being able to take a breather.
So she takes a look in the mirror once again
And sees a girl reaching out for help
But no one to turn to
Having to hide behind that beautiful smile
That made her a star.

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