Inconsiderate brat

Inconsiderate brat
Ungrateful prick
The whole world revolves around you
Everything must be set to your liking.
But tough
The world is
And shit happens.
Act like a baby
Then deal with the consequences that arise;
Dare to insult
Then be prepared for assault
For sharp tongue from you will only bring about a poison
And a loss of something precious.
Stand up and hold your ground
Be a man and accept what is presented before you;
Do not let a foul attitude overcome you
Because it is quite disgusting to witness
And sickens me to the very core of my being.
Every pessimistic word that comes from your mouth
Makes me roll my eyes in disbelief
And wonder how a f0ul mind
Marked the surface of the world.
Never satisfied until the axis the world spins on
Becomes your body, mind, and soul
And quite frankly
An inconceivable and dangerous proposition.
Maybe you truly do not understand your own nature
Or the way you come off of to people
Maybe we are all blinded by our own lack of judgement
You, the world, and I alike
Or perhaps you take upmost pleasure in your pompous attitude
Loving the feeling of holding the higher ground
When you yourself have miscalculated the leap from the mountain.
You think you are fucking God
And hold the answer to every truth;
Instead, the truth does not lie within you
Your only truth is your own opinion
A tyrant of your own soul.
You try and turn yourself into the victim
And push away the one in true agony
Letting your priorities shift
So that your boredom is above another's pain
With no regard or thought for others;
And the best part is
You try to make up for it
And insist that inside you are good
And that your intentions are noble
And that you truly care.
The only thing anyone can smell in this suspicious circumstance
Is utter bullshit;
But do not fret
Because you will get your own like you have for your entire life
Alone and miserable
Lonely and depressed.
You believe the world is against you
But take a closer look into the mirror
Stare into your own eyes
And realize the truth within
That you yourself are the only one at fault.

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