can you remember your own
when the beginning formed
from very miniscule, humble origins
growing gradually
like a slow-paced flower
blossoming, blooming
into the beauty that it is today.

can you remember
the beauty of the moment
the feelings and emotions that overcame
when you had your first kiss
or when you finally graduated university.

can you still recall those days
can you bring them to the forefront of your mind
or are they swimming happily
in an empty sea of grey
oblivious to your desperation to remember.

the mind is a powerful weapon
it can formulate plans and execute strategies
with accurate precision.
it is the mastermind of the world
the coveted tool that can decide and choose
between evil and good.

but what happens when it slowly deteriorates
the neurons slowly suffocating, dying.
confusion, bewilderment, and depression
an ugly black hole of frustrated emotions
which only seems to be growing larger and larger.

and then, the fighting emotions themselves cease to battle
the war slowly comes to an end
replacing the torn battlefield
with an open landscape
of peace and simplicity.

this is
when the mind slowly succumbs
to genetic deficits and faulty wiring
when people become 'old and senile'
normal and expected in today's society.

but maybe it is something deeper
it has many names and many perceptions
but the failing mind is still the same constant.

so don't ever forget
live life to the fullest
don't ever stop looking forward
so that you would not have regretted anything
if the clock finally starts ticking backwards.

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