aching nostalgia;

oh this aching nostalgia
burning at my chest
eating away at my core
no matter how bittersweet
memory lane may be.

a swarm of unbidden memories
flashing in my mind like on the big screen
a previews of the life to be
and fantasies of what may.

wonderful, beautiful
sadness and sorrow
joy and love
a mix-match of colors
bright and dark collide.
but each memory is portrayed
in such vivid detail
as if it were happening all over again.

things i may have once missed
but slowly taking the back burner.
it threatens to cut through
like a dagger to the heart
a jagged cut in the chest
to pour out everything inside
to let out what was bottled tightly.

where, what, when
no one knows
no one will know
i can keep it buried deep within
the crevice of my consciousness.
like secrets kept behind a hidden door
i can keep everything to myself.
because they are what made me today.

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