guilt-ridden road;

your memory serves as a good trip
down a guilt-ridden road
even though i know it is not my fault
it cannot be.

a whisper of a memory
brings upon a powerful clash
i feel like i am being pulled apart
several directions
my heart cannot take it.

when i think about you
i want to slap myself
and i scream inside
why do i spare you a single thought?
what have you done for me
after all these years?


simple as that.


and still, i cannot help it
i wonder and ponder
i try to picture how it might and could have been
but it is futile.

and i have to stop living in the past
the present fantasy
and the future that could never be.

this is not the first time
nor the very last.
but moving forward is the only way
that i can ever be free.

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