death, is a scary journey;

death, is a scary journey
however inevitable it may be
the concept of after
sometimes difficult to fathom
and differs for each individual.

you couldn't escape death's waiting embrace
as you struggled to survive
your body's basic instincts in overdrive.

but when you finally
and hopefully willingly
let go of your grasp to life
and sink into death's chest
remember everything you have ever loved
for it will be you beacon to the other side
whatever and wherever that may be.

the love of your family and friends
will create the pathway to your destination.
all your hopes and dreams of the life left behind
will be your shining stars in the black night.

and when you reach the end
of the journey from life to death
here your soul may rest
peacefully and contently
until you can be reunited
with everyone you let into your life
and those who let you into theirs.

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