treasure box;

a treasure box
filled with sentimental nothings
collected over the years
bringing forth buried memories.

a movie theatre ticket
titled this month, this day
five years ago
a first date plus a friend
at eleven forty five a.m.

a unicorn bookmark
given by a dear friend in fifth grade
a friend that drifted away in time
but still holding a special place in my heart.

a handmade origami christmas card
from a friend still in contact
since sixth grade.

a monologue of cinderella's ugly stepsister
performed in front of peers
sixth or seventh grade
still remembering the inflections in the voice.

photos from two-thousand-and-three
seven years in the past
nights and days spent with friends
bonding over christmas cookies.

and so many more trinkets to go
each and every single memento
remembering when it occurred
and the feelings that coursed through my veins.

i can remember it all
and i never wish to forget.

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