when she was young;

when she was young
she could climb the countertops
to reach the cookie jar
from the highest cabinet.

when she was young
she could run for hours outside
without ever breaking a sweat.

when she was young
she could create vivid characters
play make-believe to her heart's content
without every worrying about the world.

when she was young
she could hardly wait for new years eve
the only day she could stay up past
her ten o'clock bedtime.

when she was young
boys had cooties and germs
and were perfect targets
for chasing on the playground.

when she was young
she could almost do a three-sixty
while swinging on the swings
right after downing cartons of milk.

when she was young
she would spend the summer evenings
catching fireflies to light her dreams
at night before going to sleep.

when she was young
she could remember going to bed at night
content and happy, waiting for the new day
and all the adventures it would bring.

but now, she is older
she has grown more mature
and has left childhood behind
to be remembered only in memories.

the responsibilities of life has come
far too quickly
but all too exciting.
a new chapter may have opened
a new door may have unlocked
but all that she learned from childhood
although faded in the distant
she would carry on forever.

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