the best friend's silence;

i'll keep my silence
i won't say a word
i'll the best friend
and watch from the sidelines
as i have for a hundred years.

i don't mind it at all
not at all, as you will never know.
i'll be your supporting rock
the anchor that binds you
so close and yet so far.

and when your heart is torn
the pieces shattered all around
i will lift you from the ground
pull you up, dust your knees
plant a kiss on your forehead
and tell you everything will be okay.

and in return i'll ask for nothing more
than for your love and respect
your understanding of my turmoil
of seeing you in another's embrace
time and time again.
and i pray for the day
that you will maybe see me
as something more
than a shoulder for your head to lay.

1 comment:

  1. I'm feeling you! I think I've had these thoughts a thousand times and you wrote them so beautifully!