because i was right;

a rolling spasm in my chest
waving out a guilty speck

no, no
i am not guilty
i am not in the wrong
i know it

attitudes and presentations
first impressions
and angry words

it's creeping up, up, up
from my chest
sloughing up my esophagus

squash it down because i am not wrong
i did nothing wrong
but you've made me like this
twisting a one-eighty
with the gun pointed at me

so you think you've won
maybe you have
so you think you're high and mighty
but you are not
you are not better than me

because i was right
honest and true

1 comment:

  1. A good poem about guilt. One of the most interesting processes is the work to get rid of it.
    With a good friend of mine, I am doing a deep excursion into the AGS(anxiety guilt shame)-territory. Never did anything like that before.