I have come to realize

I have come to realize
That I stress over the small things
When my energy should be directed
To something worthwhile ---
Something that has a greater significance.
Too many times I have overworked myself
Too many times I have overlooked that which is most important
Unable to clearly see the path before me
Blinded by preoccupations
And falling far behind.
Please, oh please
Help me avoid any eternally damaging mistakes
Help me avoid actions that may lead to regret
And a dull, aching heart.
I must learn how to curb my reverie
And focus on the task at hand;
I must learn to curb my passionate fury
And let bygones be bygones;
But most of all I need to learn to believe ---
Believe in myself and believe in others
For my perspective is not the only one present
But a combination of them all
Will lead to a greater outcome
Far beyond the mind of one;
And these issues and dire incidents in humanity
May possibly be eradicated
And open up a new world for us all.

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