A fist of anger

A fist of anger
That stirs at the bottom of my stomach
Frowning upon the perpetrator
That dares to threaten a peace.
Almost contradictory
This threat seems to submit
To the element that means no harm
But simply looking for life's pleasures.
Put it into terms of you and I
And I simply do not understand
Why every sign I see
Is met with disapproval and scorn
When I will not befall the same mistakes
That you claim to have made many years prior.
Trust me when I say this:
That I will not let myself falter and fail
That I will rise above the pits of Hell
And find my own way, on my own terms.
Allow me this simple pleasure
Of which you have always pushed aside
That ended beautiful things
That might have been.
Two that have meant something to me
Two that did not have the slightest infliction
But another one that is hanging by a thread
About to tumble over the edge
Forever lost in the foam of the sea.
Why do you hinder me
Why do you wish to control me
When I need to live my life.
As much as I love you, I despise you;
It hurts me to do so, but it hurts me more
Especially when you jump to conclusions.
Secrets I have sometimes had to hide
Because of knowing your reactions;
And when I do come out into the light
You come back with subtle yet vicious vengeance.
Please forgive me
For I will go against your wishes
Because I already understand
That there will never be a time when you will accept my decision.

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