a little mishap, one tiny mistake
falling backwards in a black hole
erasing a number of years
hurtling into the past

new places, new faces
new identities, new memories
no way to jump start to the beginning
slow and easy does it
start counting the years back to her old present

joining a somewhat familiar circle of friends
of ones who have been long dead
all the tiny pinpricks to her heart
the disasters that were sure to come
for one cannot meddle with time

with a new timeline comes new hurdles
a new set of best friends
and an unlikely source for love
with a teenager who has not quite
become the cantankerous solitary man

opposites may attract
but similarities set the foundation
book-loving, studious, and curious
two peas in a pod
however often they may bicker

one life may have been inevitably changed
with that little slip to twenty years past
but so has another, and one for the better
a new timeline filled with love
the greatest weapon against evil.

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