living lives;

life is full of tragedies
like shakespearean poetry
it mingles in our daily existence
there is no way to escape

but even in death, life and hope can be discovered
there is always a future to behold
always a positive outlook to be promised
if only one can look in the right places

there is no discovery without sacrifice
to find one deviant of light means to forego another
but as long as that leads to the ultimate goal
of being happy with oneself
there is no shame in losing possibilities

we shine brightly, even if others put us down
we are unique in our own ways
and what makes us different, makes us beautiful

we all have our own light at the end of the tunnel
no matter the tragedies and lost lives we may encounter

we must always take our chances
our decisions impacts the rest of futures
but we cannot find what we are looking for
if we are afraid of living our lives.

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