ghosting afterlife;

when my body has long passed and gone
when it has returned to the earth from whence we all derive
i wish to remain close, if intangible
to the happenings of humanity

i read a book once upon a time
and while i do not wish for a gruesome death
i do wish to linger
to observe and discover places and events
that i had not the opportunity in life

life is short and beautiful
in the grand scheme of things
our human lives are but a blink of an eye
a speck of dust in the continuum of time and space

the world has been around for millions of years
our barely one hundred years are fragile like glass

i want to see the future generations be born and grow
changing our world with their innovative methods

so my greatest post-mortem desire
is to ghost the planet and galaxy
no physical inhibitions to hinder me
from seeing and experiencing all i can

and if there is a heaven in the afterlife
i hope that eternal paradise would grant me a reprieve
until i am done observing the world and its future
before i make my way to finally allow myself
a well-deserved and restful sleep

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