we are slowly killing the planet;

we are slowly killing the planet
note the use of 'the' rather than 'our'
because how can we call this world our own
when we are working so furiously to destroy it?

our constant drive for technological advances
is poisoning the world that has let us thrived.
as humans, we are sadistic creatures
maiming and killing animals for their flesh and fur
not for consumption to survive
but for supporting our never ending desires of 'fashion'.

predators of the world kill to live
humans kill for sport.

what really makes us any different from our animal counterparts?
they have families, just as we do
they eat and live, just as we do.

maybe we have the upper-hand in terms of intelligence
so why can we not manipulate that intelligence
to make this world a better place
and not only with words, but with actions.

and the irony of it all, especially with technology
is that we are not only destroying this planet
but our very own species.
so many new strains of diseases and cancers
are erupting with a vengeance.
we cannot hope to control science
when it is science that creates and controls
every aspects of our daily lives
including technology.
we only discovered how to manipulate it
we did not create it.

the survival of the fittest was not just a a fleeting idea of darwin
and nor was our scientist's theories of global warming.

we all learn as children
that trees and other greens
provide us with natural air cleansing agents
and our very link to molecular survival.
and yet, here we are
cutting down our forests, acre by acre
until there is nothing left
and still we will crave and want more
we will never be satisfied.

our species is just one in a million
we are no different from the rest
we are born, we live, we die.
we live among others who depend on the world just as much as we do.
who are we to take away the resources from them
who have just as much right to it as we do.

man versus nature
there are no sides
not when the world as we know it
is slowly decaying under our 'control'.

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