it was a rainy morning;

it was a rainy morning. and i was up with you early in the day, holding you close, your little body curled up against mine as i stroked the wills of death away. i had a test that afternoon, and i hated the though of leaving you, even for a minute. i knew in my heart when i wrapped you up in one of my old shirts, i would not see you alive that evening.

i kissed you goodbye, and left you at home, while i took the agonizingly long ride to school. i aced the exam, of course. and by midday, the clouds and raindrops all but disappeared from the sky, leaving behind a brilliant cerulean blue. all signs of the storm that raged the early morning hours were gone.

and then i knew, you must have finally said goodbye to our corporeal world. heaven opened its arms and welcomed you in. your pain and suffering were washed away with the rain. a rainbow painted the sky, and i knew, you were now at peace.

i said my final goodbyes, wishing you well in the afterlife.

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