when did it happen;

when did it happen
when did it all begin?
we shed out childhood jubilance
our care-free days and mindless wanderings
of lazy summer evenings and afternoon naps.

when did we step out of our comfort zone
and enter the industrial lane
to become working zombies of society
where 40-hour work weeks become our future.

when did we become adults
making salaries, paying mortgages, and raising families
where did we find the strength
to stand our own two feet.

because i myself feel trapped
lost in a limbo of in-betweens
it seems almost impossible
to imagine the future described.

i will never be ready
and i almost don't want to be
but my strangling grasp on the past
is beginning to wane and become futile.

whether or not i want it
i will take my place in society
and i will have no choice but to continue moving forward.

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