look around at the world;

look around at the world
so vast the landscape is
topped with ice-capped mountains
and deep bottomless seas.

mountain ranges have had fifty million years to develop
and us, our human life-span stretches only seventy four years.

what does that make us?

we believe to rule the world
superior to any other living creature
which walks the planet.
the world is for our taking
and we relentlessly plow her resources
draining every last drop
until there is nothing left.

earth, before it was called earth
was around for many, many years
infinity is seems
compared to time as we know it.

history has made a mark
sometimes remembered, other times not.
but still, even that goes back
only a few seconds.

how insignificant our lives must be
in the eyes of the sun.
does the earth laugh at great discoveries
we appear to make?

it can all be gone in one-split-second
and all can be lost.
maybe earth has a plan for us
to exterminate the species that threaten her core.

a lonely little parasite that might be our demise
or a treacherous storm to drown us all.
and maybe after we are long gone
when all technology and destruction comes to a halt
earth will begin to rebuild itself
to foster that beautiful landscape we haphazardly destroyed
and renew its gloriousness.

and will we be allowed back, after another few million years pass?
or will we be completely lost in time
never again to come to existence?

maybe perhaps we will.
maybe we have already come back from eons before.
maybe this is a never ending cycle.
and maybe history will continue to repeat itself
over and over again.

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