we will run through the hallways;

we will run through the hallways
and zigzag through rooms
pursued by our enemies
until we reach the end of the maze.
we will catch our breaths
and laugh precariously
at how narrowly we escaped
our unprecedented fate.
it is then when we will pause
to stare at each other
as our laughs become giggles
and fluttering breaths.
and we will smile at one another
suddenly painfully shy
full of wonder and awkward silences
as if we have not been friends for years.
we will realize our hands are still entwined
from the spontaneous rabbit on the run chase.
and as we draw closer together
falling sideways onto the bed in a hidden room
we will continue to stare, and smile, and breathe in silence
because even in the darkest days
when hope is all but seemingly stolen and gone forever
we understand that we will always have each other.

[scene inspiration: ProfEugenius]

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  1. I love the childlike quality in this poem. It's very genuine and pure. Beautifully written.